Sisterhood of Hip Hop Seaon 1: Episode 2 Review: "Nyemiah & Brianna Perform"

Photo by Google Images

On this week's episode of "Sisterhood of Hip Hop" Brianna Perry and Nyemiah performed in a showcase. 

Things wasn't looking too good for Brianna. There was no sound coming from the mic and she was not happy about it. The only thing Brianna had going for her was her multi-block striped romper. She looked good on stage but too bad she wasn't heard.

Brianna had a one on one with her mother/manager. She blamed her for the bad sound during her performance. Brianna's mother had too much Hennessy too soon. She should have at least waited if she knew she wasn't going to handle business properly. Brianna was pissed and had every right to be. Could this be the end of her mother's managing days?

When Nyemiah hit the stage the sound was perfect. Nyemiah performance was satisfactory to most. She had dancers in the background. She even put in some booty shaking moves. Nyemiah moved the crowd but not everyone was impressed with her performance. Diamond was very critical about Nyemiah's performance. She felt she should not have had dancers. Where did she perform at again?

Diamond has a lot of nerve. Although Nyemiah was probably being sarcastic when she said she didn't know Diamond was from Crime Mob that didn't give her the right to stand her up. Diamond said she paved the way for rappers like Nyemiah. How so?

Diamond is only known from Crime Mob. Noone really knows her outside of that unless they are from Atlanta. Many know of her but when did she drop her last mixtape or album? Where was her last showcase? She said she went to New York to re-invent herself as Diamond but she's too busy judging others. How rude!

Siya's girlfriend, Renaye, was happy when Siya bought a puppy but that all ended when they went out to support Brianna and Nyemiah. Renaye can't handle all the attention Siya gives to others. She wants it all for herself. Maybe going back to the west coast is where Renaye needs to be because Siya will never get her career on track with this kind of drama.
Tamara M. Anderson