Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Review: "Mimi Learns The Truth About Nikko"

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While season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is coming to an end Mimi and Nikko's relationship already has. On last week's episode Mimi found out Nikko was married via media gossip site and Nikko didn't deny it.

According to Nikko, he and his wife are getting a divorce but Mimi found out that too was a lie. Mimi met up with Nikko's former roommate Johnny and boy did he spill the beans. Johnny told Mimi was her friends and many of us wasn't surprised to hear especially about the sex tape.

Mimi admitted to Ariane and Erica that she did shoot extra footage to make a full sex tape of her and Nikko. Ariane and Erica expressed their disappointment and Mimi couldn't handle it so she left.

Mimi should have known better than to trust Nikko. Too many people was telling her the same thing. Instead of her facing the music she takes her anger out on the ones closet to her like Ariane. 

Meanwhile messy Karlie Redd decided to invite Yung Joc to the video she was shooting to the song he helped her with. Although Karlie let her emotions get into the way of business she called Joc out on one of the best tag lines this season when she said she would leave him where she found it back at the trap!

Stevie J and Joseline were guests on Snoop's radio show. Stevie also revealed what he did with Benzino's soon to be wife, Althea. Snoop advised Stevie to come clean but Stevie had other plans that day!

Next time on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Benzino shares some news with Stevie about Joseline. Will he tell her the truth about what happened with him and Althea?
Tamara M. Anderson