Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Finale Review

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On this season's finale of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" some things took a turn for the worst and some people ended up in a better place than where they started from.

Let's start things off with Momma Dee's song "I Deserve". She may not be an A-List singer but she deserves an C for having the courage to get in the studio and give it her all. Momma Dee spent more time in the studio than her son, Lil Scrappy. She should've asked The Bambi to be on the track!

Tammy and Waka Flocka visited the clinic but didn't receive the news they was expecting. Looks like having another baby isn't quite what they need right now. In the meantime the now married couple can enjoy Charlie.

Mimi took the time out to visit Nikko to inform him about what his ex-roommate Johnny said. Somebody should have schooled Mimi on how to keep informants discreet. Now that she knows about Nikko will that change things? Who knows? There's plenty men out here for Mimi but she just keep choosing the ones who hurt her instead of love her.

Benzino was invited to Rasheeda's launch party for her new lipstick line called Poiz but not everyone was invited. There was no Stevie and his wife, Joseline and no messy Karlie and Yung Joc. Rasheeda planned on having a drama free night bu thanks to b****y acting men that didn't happen. 

While Zino was present a producer who use to work with Stevie spilled the beans on Joseline. He told Zino that she and their driver have been having a secret affair. Thirsty Zino couldn't wait to get the scoop so he went to the man himself. The driver alleged that he and Joseline had been having sex with each other for the past few months. The fellas were so busy talking about Joseline that they wasn't paying attention to who was listening. Messy Karlie was in the background with all ears. She immediately told Erica and then she warned Joseline.

Of course, Zino couldn't wait to tell Stevie what he heard but that was after Stevie admitted to having a one time fling with Althea. When Stevie learned of what his wife alleged had done he confronted her about it. Joseline denied having to do anything with the driver. Is she telling the truth? Good girls never tell!

Speaking of Joseline and Stevie things ended with Joseline giving her husband his ring back but that's not it. Stevie had another engagement which involved meeting with his ex Mimi. What!

Mimi went back to the one man she said broke her heart first. Stevie was there to console Mimi. As he expressed his love for her she had tears in her eyes. Awwww Mimi! She went from Stevie to Nikko to being single. Maybe now she can find herself and finally meet a man who can truly love her. In the meantime it's not over yet. 

Next week is the beginning of the reunion to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta". How things ended is not how they will seem at the reunion. Joseline is going to get into a fight with most of the female cast. One of them happened to be fashion designer and Flocka's wife, Tammy Rivera.
Tamara M. Anderson