Jay-Z Adds Boxing To Roc Nation Sports

Photo by Google Images

While SMH Records owners Jonathan Hay and Michael Smith are offering $15 million to produce an album for Jay-Z, the rapper turned entrepreneur is taking Roc Nation Sports to another level.

Roc Nation Sports already has recruited athletes from baseball, basketball and football. Jay-Z is now ready to expand the franchise by adding boxing to the mix. Some of the members include forward Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunders, pitcher CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees and wide receiver Hakeem Nicks of the Colts.

According to reports, the rapper recently hired David Itskowitch to run the boxing division for Roc Nation Sports. 

During an interview with ESPN, Michael Yormark, the president and chief of branding and strategy of Roc Nation said this is a huge priority and it's highly serious business for them. 

"We're energized, and we're going to make a difference," Yormark said.

Michael added that David has one of the greatest reputations in the boxing industry, and hiring him should be a loud an clear statement that this is serious for them.

"We have one of the most respected individuals in the sport leading the change for us,"Yormark added.

What ever happened to the current boxing champion Floyd Mayweather who has at least 20 years plus experience. On top of that he is undefeated!

With 18 years of boxing experience under his belt Itskowitch has announced that the first event will be promoted by the end of this year. 
Tamara M. Anderson