50 Cent Takes Shots At Floyd Mayweather

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At first it was Nelly who made fun of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s education when he revealed that he didn't graduate from high school. However, the king of diss, 50 Cent, took the cake when he challenged the boxing champion to a challenge.

50 Cent was challenged to the the ALS ice bucket challenged but he declined. Instead he challenged Mayweather to a reading challenge. He offered Mayweather $750k to any charity if he could read a page from the Harry Potter book.

"I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, if you could read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting or stopping or f*****g up, " 50 said.

He then said just in case some of the words were difficult to pronounce that he could read The Cat In The Hat. To make matters worse Charlemagne The God played some audio of Mayweather where he was having a hard time reading but DJ Envy and Angie cut it short!

Recently, 50 Cent appeared on Power 105.1 where he talked about his challenge to Floyd. He also have him his props as a boxer. 

"We cannot take away who he is. He is one of the best fighters in our actual time," 50 said.

However, he did say that Floyd should not play with him because he knows too much about him. He said he knows thing that will make people look at him differently.

Despite 50 making fun of Mayweather's ability to read and write 50 says he still loves Mayweather like a brother. He also called him out saying if he's mad at him that he can call him or come see him. Is he talking about going toe to toe with Mayweather in the ring?

"If you want to fight I'll be in Vegas next week," 50 posted on Instagram.

Many people are saying that 50 and Mayweather should settle their feud in the ring. Could this be possible? Due to regulations of Floyd's status he won't be able to fight 50 but it's a good gesture. 

For the time being Mayweather doesn't have time to respond to 50 as he is preparing for his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana. 

If the two ego clashers did fight who would win?
Tamara M. Anderson