Tiny Releases New Music: "What The F**k You Gon Do?"

Photo by Google Images

Before there were rumors about Beyonce and Jay-Z breaking up there were rumors about rapper T.I. and Tiny breaking up. While boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to brag about allegedly having sex with Tiny many are wondering if Tiny and T.I. are getting a divorce.

Tiny and T.I. addressed Mayweather's claim that they slept together. She said it never happened and T.I. pretty much kept it simple by saying "God bless him".

In regards to the couple's going their separate ways it's kind of hard to tell. Recently, Tiny released a new video to her new single called "What The F**k You Gon Do?". Based on the lyrics in the song it's evident that she's referring to her husband.

In the song she  sings "Clearly, you ain't thinkin/Boy, tell me how you sleep at night/Cuz, you left me lonely, and you know that/If you knew what's good, you would do right/I was on that s**t like, "Imma be his ride or die/I'll show you what it feels like to be on the other side of the gun."

According to reports, Tiny isn't the only one who has made a song in reference to her and T.I.'s marriage. T.I. also released a new song called "Stay" featuring Victoria Monet. In the song he raps "I ain't trippin cuz you caught me out there/But your reaction to it pushed me further out there."

Based on both lyrics there seems to be trouble in paradise but can it be fixed? 
Tamara M. Anderson