Shyheim Franklin Pleads Guilty To Second-Degree Manslaughter

Photo by Google Images

After spending two years in prison for attempted robbery rapper Shyheim is facing prison again!

Shyheim Franklin recently plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter stemming from hit and run charges. He also plead guilty to possession of a firearm.

According to reports, on New Years Day of this year Franklin was speeding around 5 a.m. when he crashed into two vehicles leaving Felipe Avila Olea left for dead. The 36-year-old fled the scene but he left evidence behind. 

In April of this year the WU-Tang Clan affiliate was arrested after police found a loaded gun in the rappers apartment. 

Franklin may be mostly known as a rapper but he is also an actor. He has played in movies like "The Original Gangsters" and "In Too Deep".

There's no info on how much time Franklin will be getting but there's no doubt that he's looking at more than two years!
Tamara M. Anderson