Prince Blasts Lil Mo For Shady Comments

Photo by Google Images

Should Iconic celebrities get special privileges over others? Well, Lil Mo doesn't seem to think so. 

According to reports, During the Essence Music Festival singer Lil Mo who had a backstage VIP pass was trying to get to the ladies room when she was stopped by the NOLA police. The R&B Diva star had to put her bodily fluids on hold so that pop star Prince could make his entrance. Lil Mo was so pissed she expressed her frustrations via Instagram.

"The muthaf****n police just tried me and @dynamiteko we had VIP passes to meander the whole superdome dude talmbout, we gotta hold the walk through because Prince coming through the back, b***h wtf, I don't want to see him. I had to pee, this industry s**t is crazy, erbody think they not human! Mannn...I'm gone!" Lil Mo posted on Instagram.

Wow! Lil Mo was pissed but noone would have thought Prince would entertain such foolishness.
When Prince was on Arsenio he talked about how social media wasn't his thing at first but it looks like he got involved into social media at the right time. 

Prince blasted Lil Mo via Twitter in response to her shady comments. He didn't go as far as she did but he let her know he's not one to play with when it comes to throwing shade!

"I hope she know, none of her clothes match," Prince tweeted with a picture of him smirking.

R&B Divas LA is about to start soon and Lil Mo is back with more of her over-the-top antics! Was it necessary for her to say what she said? It doesn't matter now. She can't take it back. What she said she obviously meant it. But she also has to remember that she too wants fans to recognize her for her status and she shall do the same!
Tamara M. Anderson