MIXTAPE REVIEW: "Reintroduce Myself" Tee Swain

CHI- Check out the latest mixtape album from Tee Swain called "Reintroduce Myself" including the tracks M.I.A. featuring Kels Cash and "When It's Over" produced by Tone Jonez.

On the album "Reintroduce Myself" Tee Swain gives his listeners something they can feel as he expresses his struggles, motivation, pain and success through his music. The mixtape consists of 19 tracks with a line-up production including 5mentarios, Frenzy Frenchy, Kevin K, Will Shine, Lexi Banks, Brian Snow and more.

Along with Kels Cash other artists featured on the album are Loso Bangz, Dre Day, Joe God and 40!

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Tamara M. Anderson