Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr In Upcoming Super Star Battle

Photo by Google Images

Coming up in the Super Star Battle of the New World Order Series is Def Squad's Keith Murray and Fredro Starr of the group Onyx. 

MC War made an announcement stating that the two New York rappers will battle it out on September 24th at The Atrium in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Here are the rules to how the battle goes:

In the first round there will be a coin toss. In the second round whomever won the coin toss will go second. All together there are three rounds. Each player will spit two verses of 16 bars over a selected beat and they have to do it back to back. The rules also state that no breaks should be longer than two to four bars.

There will be no touching allowed, according to MC War.

"Any physical contact can and will immediately disqualify the emcee," MC War said.

Now hip hop is getting back to rapping. Who do you think will win this battle, Keith Murray or Fredro Starr?

Tamara M. Anderson