Is It Over For The Basketball Wives Reality Show?

Photo by Google Images

On the last season of "Basketball Wives" things left off when the ladies went to see Kenya perform her new song. Things didn't end so well with Suzie and Kenya nor did they end well between Tami and Evelyn.

According to the rumors, "Basketball Wives" has been cancelled by VH1 and Tami Roman made a possible confirmation.

Sister 2 Sister magazine reports that when Tami was asked about the reality shows cancellation she replied by saying if the show was to come back it would have to be resurrected from the TV graveyard.

If the show does return what will be there story lines. Evelyn is no longer with a basketball player nor was she before hand. She should have auditioned for "Football Wives". Oops! They didn't even get a second season!

What about "Basketball Wives LA?" Malaysia is no longer with her husband and without her on the show it won't really be worth watching!

Neither Shaunie O'Neal nor the producers of VH1 has confirmed that the drama reality series has been cancelled. However, there has been no word that it is returning either!
Tamara M. Anderson