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[Video]: Smooth Kid Dino - Shell Shock (Ft. Prince CEO)
Song: "Move Around" Nemacis
Video: "Everyday Living" Smook Deville
Video: "Crooklyn Bars" Famoso ft. Taj Mahal aka Taj
Song: "I'm Here" Wudstock Richie
Song: "Normal Guy" Jim Tuck ft. King Reese
Event: Grind House Live - July 12
Song: "Elevate"  Kidd Chi ft. Alma, Que Billah & Vic Spencer
Song: "Chasin" Estabon ft. J.R. Donato
Song: "Or Nah" (Freestyle) Fonzerelli Dibiase
Song Snippet: "South Side" Supah ft. DJ Deeon
Song: "Dead" Vee Miyagi ft. IIIiad
Video: "Phobia" iLL Will
Video: "Friends & Strangers" Neak
Video: "Everything Else" Superfly Ky
Video: "Dear Maverick" International Maverick
Video: "Prevch" Eli Gen
(New Music) Dott Richey - Loosey
(New Music): Bruus - Aaron McGruder
Video: Deezy Da Paperboy - JFK
Song: "No Manners" K Camp
Song: "Royal" Gittaa Thomas
Song: "No Turning Me Off" Kike Cruz ft. Clyde Carson
Beat Tape: "Evening Mellow" Hank Iving
Mixtape LP: "Wonderland of Misery 2" Chris Rivers
(New Music): J.Green - Gangster & A Gentleman (Feat.Anri)
Video: "Purple Universe" Colby Stiltz
Video: "Reward" Name Tag
Video: "What It Be" A.G.
Video: "Road To Success" Smook Deville
Video: "2 Seata" Tope
Song: "Rich N****z" G.K. Harmony