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Video: "Ghost of Nefertiti" M.A.B
Video: "Found My Own Way" Dutch Schultzz
Video: "Never Been To Brooklyn" St. El Cid
Video: "Rain Boots & A Thong" Edubb
Video: "Lonesome Stoner" Rox Rebel
Song: "In The Deep" Mike Will The Great
Song: "Chase It" Esohel
Song: "Street LIghts Painting Pictures" LC Faces ft. Wudstock Richie & Minko Lowe
Song: "Bronx River Flow" Nazdaq Brixx
Song: "Fresh Pepper" Breeze Embalm
Song: "Dear God" Arjaye Jeter ft. Saint Mille & Dave Amazin
Song: "Sonja Pearson" Nicholas May ft. ILL Brown
Song: "Chiraq" (Remix) 2G
Song: "That Dope" Shabaam Shadeeq ft. Wais P & Sha Stimuli
Song: "Leave Me" Mic Taylor ft. London Grammar
Mixtape EP: "Honey & Cinnamon" Nomad Misfit
Mixtape LP: "The Grape Pull: The Addiction" Shavac Prakash
Mixtape LP: "The Commencement" Fontaine
Mixtape LP: "Riding For The King" Lil Cease & Mafia Don
Mixtape LP: "The Boondocks" Various Artists
Video: "Irrelevant" Fonzerelli Dibiase
Video: "Back To Da Topic" Vega
Video: "Double Tap" Solo D
Video: "No Hook" Chris Cobain
Video: "Stop Fooling Yourself" Semi the Gawd
Song: "Mo Money, Mo Problems" Mike Will The Great
Song: "The Field" LC Faces ft. Saint Mille
Song: "Jordan Years" Arjaye Jeter
Song: "All Da Way" J Spitta
Song: "What A Shame" Dotcomm
Song; "Beauty" September 6th ft. Lori Disanti
Song: "Stick Em" Mic Taylor ft. True Story & James Artie