Video: MC Serch Debuts New Daytime Television Talk Show

On January 6TH former 3rd Bass rapper MC Serch has joined the likes of Steve Wilkos, Jeremy Kyle, Bill Cunningham and Kirk Fox by launching his own television talk show.

Serch said his reason for doing a talk show is to use knowledge he learned from home and in the streets to assist others in their struggle.

"I want to do this show because I want to help people sort out through their conflict and get back on their grind in a greater state of mind," Serch said during his show's introduction.

MC Serch's show isn't airing nationwide as of yet. Before the show is shown all over the globe it is going through a four-week trial period to see how the show does. The show is airing on the cities and stations as follows:

New York on WPIX; Los Angeles on KTLA; Philadelphia on WPHL; Dallas on KDAF; Washington Dc on WDCW; Miami on WSFL; Indianapolis on WXIN and San Diego on KSWB!

For those who don't reside in those cities can watch the episode on-line where it's allowed. 

To check out the debut of "MC Serch Says" check out video above!

Also follow the emcee turned talk show host on Twitter @mcserch!