Suge Knight Said He Prefers Being Called A N***a Over An African American

With so much controversy surrounding the N Word former CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight just added more fuel to the fire. Recently, he told TMZ that he would rather be called the N word instead of an African American.

In his own words he said  "A lot of times when people say the N word, I like that better than African American. We're not from Africa, we're black."

Wow! Every culture has a background according to where their ancestors came from. If Knight had any common sense he would know that first and foremost, noone is the color of a crayon. Secondly, African American ancestors are from Africa. The only reason African Americans are called African Americans is because they were born in America and not Africa. It's no difference than the Chinese and the Japanese being called Asians!

Wondering if that's what Knight tells his children that they are not African American! If so they are going to wonder where did their ancestors come from because it sure wasn't America!