Did ASAP Rocky Assault A Fan?

Rapper Asap Rocky who has one of the top hits playing on the radio is facing "F*****g Problems himself. According to hip hop news, on June 28Th Rocky allegedly slapped a female fan after she blew a kiss at him during a concert in Australia. The incident was also caught on video.

On the video it shows the rapper walking through the crowd as the fans were patting him on his head trying to get his attention. One female fan tapped his head and also blew him a kiss. Apparently, Rocky didn't like that too much because he slapped the female and showed no remorse about it.

Before this incident the NY rapper ended a concert early in Germany. He claim someone took his "back in the day" Supreme hat and he wanted it back before he continued on with the show. When Asap saw a male leaving he asked security to stop him and not to let anyone out. Unfortunately, the hat never reappeared and Asap left the building.

Rocky's fan slapping incident occurred before he appeared on the BET 2013 Awards where he also performed!