Album: SHLTR

Northpole, Rogers Park, EV standup!!! Release and LostWon have been making music and pushing the boundaries of genre for the better half of the last decade. Now they've joined forces as SHLTR on a new production album. Check the interview & be sure to download the dope tape!

BFM: How did this joint project come about? 
SHLTR: came about when me and Re were working on making actual songs that told a story instead of just making beats. I was living in a building that was a nuclear fallout shelter and that name and symbol sounded dope to us. We dropped the "fallout" and stuck with just the consenents because our music was stripped down but still meldoic. It's so much more than a name though. I feel like we created music for someone who appreciates complex simplicity.

What kinda production equipment/programs y'all working with?
SHLTR: To make the songs on this project we utilized one of the oldest beat machines still around; Ensoniq ASR X. A real analog beat machine made of like steel or something. We also utilized an Alesis for a couple tracks. That thing is real nice at balancing out harmony. Finally, we recorded everyhing using Ableton and ProTools for arranging. Re handled all that technical stuff 'cause he's way more savvy at that.

BFM: What's in the future for the SHLTR production house? 
SHLTR:What's in the future for SHLTR? Creatively, so much, man. Re gave me a glimpse of what's in his mind at the moment. He wants to create something on more of an R&B vibe. I like rock, house and blues. We always kinda find a way to meet somewhere in the middle and pass the baton to one another. Dudes my guy so I feel like we can make it work and blend those worlds all together. I feel like that with all my people. That cat Babyface Monster is disgusting with the flow, plus homie and I go back like eight years so I know he's already got gems in the vault ready to let loose for a SHLTR track. He might be one of only a few who won't ever have to pay for production from us.

BFM: Where can fans download new music from SHLTR? 
SHLTR: Download the free album at! How you gonna beat free?!?!?