NOW, NOW, dont think i just felt like doggin women today, im legitimatly curious. Who does dat??? Why do u have 8 kids, living in a 3 bedroom, 5 babydaddys, no husband, no job, no HS diploma, & no future?
How does this happen? How are u this blind? I mean in a world that has abortion clinics, planned parenthood, birth control, day after pill, and condoms. Shit they give out condoms free!!!  It's hard enough getting by in this world 2day with no kids. I love kids but hell just 1 is expensive and you have 8 of these bastards! and then wonder why u can't get ahead.

Why would anyone want to live like this? I can only draw the conclusion that you like the idea of having no future, chain smokin newports on the couch allday waiting for Maury and Cheaters to come on, yelling at ya dirty, bad ass kids all day, living in a roach infested trap house, busting down da whole block, selling candy n iceys on da porch, doing enough hair to pay ur section 8 with enough left over to get u a 5th of E&J.

thank u all for reading.


  1. haha that is an awesome concept that you have there, but when the government has programs to help lazy people the cycle will continue.

  2. Grawwwlllll mutha fuckin groooowwwwlllllll.
    Why does every lil dude under the age of 8 have the faux hawk? There an army of characters from avatar I don't know about?
    Why I gotta wake up at 2am to be at work at 4am when I'm only 2 miles away from the J.O? A mile a hour?
    Who's got a car I can borrow for 9 hours?